Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Random Melted

Not that this is a surprise to anyone in the US but, damn, it's hot. I've pretty much been holing up in the house, trying to avoid looking outside, the sheer act of which seems to make me warmer. Because of this, I have gotten quite a bit of gaming in. The bad news is that we haven't gotten much of anything else accomplished.

I've managed to be able to run outside but, most of the time, each run has been rather ugly. Then, yesterday, it poured down rain with lightning and thunder, the works. The sky, however, was not what you'd expect. It was cloudy, sure. But it was more of a light overcast than anything--and it was even sunny in some areas! Even weirder, it only rained in a small area, so we were lucky I suppose.

I've taken the plunge and signed up for this year's Extra Life gaming marathon for charity:

I'll pander for donations to the cause later (donations go to help Children's Hospital). I had a lot of fun last year, trying to get through all of the Halo games. I got through all of them except Halo 3 where I only got through the first section, Sierra 117. I'm not entirely sure it's possible to finish all of the Halo games in 24 hours. I mean, there are five of them if you don't count Halo Wars (which I really don't). I'm thinking of doing that this year as well, and might get courageous enough to hook up a webcam to document my progress. Not only does this event give me a great excuse to game for 24 hours straight, but it also benefits a good cause.

Now the funny part of this is the next day I am most likely going to run in a Halloween fun run. It's only a 10K but might prove a bit more challenging. Needless to say, it will be a very interesting weekend. But I've done crazier run outside this summer in 98 degree heat (115 degrees with heat index).

Syfy Pictures Presents: "P2"

I don't recognize the names of anyone in this movie. However, it's cool that someone named "Bathsheba" was in it. I bet she has to spell her name for a lot of people...multiple times.

Frankly, that is where my fascination with this movie ends. It is about an office executive who gets locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve and is tormented by a rather overzealous secret admirer. The movie itself seemed pretty good, actually, but this particular type of movie doesn't really interest me. I get a bit disturbed at the "torture the individual and make them watch as other people are tortured" movies. We watched about an hour of it (if that) and then turned the channel over to a much better movie--Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Much better, indeed.

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