Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Really Have Nothing to Say

Honestly, I don't really think I have much worthy of a blog post. I figured I'd ramble for a minute to reaffirm that I am alive. At least, as far as I know. I could be a zombie. But I don't crave brains. Can zombies crave hot wings? If so, then that could explain some things...and raise a whole bunch of new, disturbing questions.

I haven't done any writing for quite a while. I finished a short story a few months ago but I haven't even advertised it on yet. I want to go back and make sure it's not total, utter trash before I throw it out there for the cyberworld to look at and, hopefully critique. It's been so long since I wrote it, I honestly don't remember if it needed editing.

Instead, I've been slowly slogging through reading up on C#. I ultimately would like to know the programming language well enough to actually start coding some programs. I will probably be able to do this only by diving in and seeing what I can do. Alas, my lousy attention span has become a hindrance and I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on C# and, instead, occupy myself with random thoughts and shiny objects. But I'm getting through it and, though I may not retain everything, I'm getting the gist of it. This means my programs may not work as intended, but might have hilarious, world-ending results instead.

Fall is almost here and I find I have much to look forward a purely superficial and mostly electronic sense. First of all, NFL football is finally back tonight. Both sides finally realized that a lockout would mean that nobody got their beloved paychecks and decided to begrudgingly commence doing something so painful that it almost didn't happen--play a game for a shitwad of cash. Oh the humanity!!!

But, despite how I feel about the greed involved, I am very glad that football has returned.

I also find myself looking forward to several video game releases. In September, there is Gears of War 3. In October, there is Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. November brings me Skyrim and, following in December, is supposed to be Diablo 3. That last one--I will believe it when I have it in my hot little hands, playing it for hours on end and ultimately suffering from the dreaded mouse claw (which is, despite arguments to the contrary, much worse than Nintendo Thumb).

The non-electronic things to look forward to: The Roots N' Blues N' Barbeque half-marathon this coming Saturday. Then there is my Extra Life charity 24-hour gaming marathon in October. Fall starts this month and it brings much awesomeness with it...can't forget that. And, of course, there is a vacation and, ultimately, Halloween!

I love Autumn.

So, yeah...nothing really important to say except that I truly enjoy this time of year, and the reasons are many.

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