Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why the Hell do I do this?

You might be thinking that I'm going to devote a really long post to 9/11. No, not really. Not here. I will say this: I still remember. I hung the flag, I took some time to contemplate and...I still remember.

Saturday was race day--The Roots N' Blues N' Barbeque half-marathon. And, once again, I found myself asking "why the Hell do I do this?" Actually, I asked myself that during the last couple of miles. That is usually when the question creeps into my head as I'm just wanting to make it back alive. It started about the time I passed the lady holding up one finger and yelling "one more to go!!" I'm not sure if she knew where she was supposed to be stationed because, according to my phone's GPS (and its timer combined with my pace), there were still approximately 2 miles to go.

But, every year before the race, I am reminded of why I do race every year. No, I never expect to actually come in first. There is no glory associated with any races in which I participate. No glory, only running, some mild swearing, and a lot of water.

It is nice to have a goal--something to train for that makes all the summer running worth it. I doubt if I would exercise quite so much if I did not have an ultimate goal in sight. I sure as hell wouldn't be out in 115-degree (that's with the heat index) heat, running like a fool if I wasn't planning on putting it to good use.

But race day is something special--full of anticipation, adrenaline, and high hopes. It's something to share with the few thousand other runners who, like me, got up early and paid their money all hot and sweaty and tired. Yeah, I could definitely do this all for free but I wouldn't. Because then I'd really be crazy.

And this particular race is an interesting dynamic. Not only do you have all of the racers and the organizers up, bright and ugly, getting ready for the race, but you also have countless barbeque fanatics who have been cooking in preparation for the festival later in the day. Some of them, I suspect, have been smoking meats all night. So they are up and about, watching all of these running maniacs get ready to prance around town...and, by "prance", I mean "huff and puff and stagger".

It all turned out well--I finished the 13.1 mile jaunt in 2:01:01. It was not leisurely by any stretch of the imagination, but I've also done better. I think I simply didn't have the drive this year. I love races but I do not feel the need to push it and try to run up every hill or whatnot. Besides, Waffle House Hill is a killer!

As a result, I am surprisingly sore today. And not just my legs. No, my shoulders and parts of my arms are sore. I've really no idea why. I ran 13.2 miles a few weeks ago to prepare and wasn't a bit sore in the days following. So I will blame adrenaline and, yes, Waffle House Hill. Damn you, Waffle House Hill!! For the record, everyone looked like they wanted to die after they got to the top of that hill. And one runner was yarking quite heavily by the side of the road.

As far as Syfy's Saturday movie goes, I'll sum it up (because I didn't watch all of it).

Syfy Pictures Presents: Jabberwock

Starring Tahmoh Penikett (most notably from "Dollhouse"), this movie really doesn't stand out in any way. Basically, a Jabberwock (from legend and, yes, Lewis Carrol's poem is actually quoted in the movie) shows up, eats some people, destroys some stuff and then leaves. And the inhabitants of this town decide they must kill it. Also, it has babies growing in eggs. Also, apparently armor is just now being invented. Also, the fight scenes all look like the actors are stabbing randomly, 10 feet from any enemy that might actually be nearby.

That's pretty much a good summary of the parts that I watched. I got bored and sleepy and wandered off to bed before seeing the thrilling conclusion. As a result, I am refraining from an actual review of this movie because there really wasn't enough of anything to rate as "fu" or anything else interesting.

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