Monday, September 26, 2011

Why is it that...

So you've probably all seen the arguments: Android vs. iPhone, Xbox vs. Playstation, Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla...okay, maybe not that last one. I mean, it's absurd to try to choose between those two. It's like "which is better? Peanut butter, or robot peanut butter?" Seriously.

But, as for these great debates, they have merit. No, it's not the actual debate itself that I have problems with. If the actual debate is like the chocolate Oreo cookies, then the way the debate is handled is like the creme filling...which must be made of ass, because that is what people look like when they enter these debates.

And it's not just any, garden-variety ass we're talking about, here. Because these "meetings of the minds" usually end up in a "my dad can beat up your dad" kind of argument. Only, instead of that, it's more like "my technological device can Google Map your mom's private parts and your phone can't!"

I don't know about you but that is something I don't want. Keep your phone. I'll go back to the telegraph or two cans and string.

Seriously, why does it matter do much to people that I don't play the same console they do or I have a different tablet or phone than they do? They didn't invent their device, so why are they so proud of it? Aren't we all allowed to make our choices? Personally, I am of the opinion that we should all simply marvel at technology and how badass it is and figure out cool things to do with it. I don't care what phone or console you have. I care which one I have.

Crud. Battlefield 3 drops on October 25th. Gotta remember that. Good thing I'm done with Gears of War 3.

Oh yeah, about that...Gears of War 3. Awesome game. Got it on Friday, finished it on Sunday (on Hardcore). Awesome game. Did I already say that? It left a few questions open, which disappointed me a bit. But, really, that's akin to getting a brand new Lamborghini and finding yourself disappointed that the tank is only 2/3 full.

It's gritty, it's irreverant, it's bloody and loud--it's Gears of War as we know it! It's also really long so full of chainsawy (yes, that is now a word) goodness! I won't get into game mechanics probably already know them. My only real issue (unanswered questions aside) was that each main quest had about 500 small parts to it. For example, one dude says "You must shut down the generator! There are three levers!" Three? Why? What kind of generator has three levers in completely different parts of the complex!? And then, when you finally do shut down said multilevered generator device, you realize you have to shut down something else...and it has six levers!! Can't I just blow up Locusts while my AI cohorts do all the footwork for me? This is so totally a quest for a Level 1 player character. I'm, like...level 3...maybe. But, yeah...good game. Highly recommended.

It's Autumn, the temperature is dropping and I have the urge to decorate for Halloween. I'm gonna...but I gotta clean the carpets first. It's not a prerequisite for decorating, merely something I have to do.

I am gearing up for Extra Life 2011 on October 15th. Thanks to all who have donated! I haven't tried to raise any money lately--I've exceeded my goal. I am going to play through all of the Bungie Halo games--note that I specify Bungie games. I have not the time to play through Halo Wars and it doesn't really factor into the original story. I will be taking a break around midnight (for about 30 minutes) to play EnviroBear 2000 Operation: Hibernation!!

This game looks so deliciously bad, it's funny. So I'll put up with it for 30 minutes, hopefully. And, yes, I am going to stream the whole event with a webcam pointed at the TV. Yeah, it's all ghetto and stuff, but I really am too lazy to mess around any more with my TV card. It'll either be streaming at:

So if you have a bad case of insomnia, or if you just really hate yourself and want some easy punishment, tune in! I'll most likely send out a reminder again sometime before the event.

No, I have no Syfy movie this week. I was watching the Mizzou game and playing Gears of War 3. So sue me.

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