Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So there has been quite a bit happening. Most of it has to do with family members passing, rifts with friends I've had since college, and pet issues but it's enough to keep one's mind constantly turning like wheels on a train...that has pushed up against a wall but doesn't know it--not really going anywhere but working hard nonetheless. This has all kept me quite busy and not in a creative mood at all. Hell, there hasn't even been a Syfy movie worth making fun of. I thought there were only three guarantees in life: Death, taxes, and Syfy movies. I guess we'll just go with the first two, then.

I recently bought Mass Effect 2. Every fiber in my body told me not to do it for a couple of reasons. First, I hated the first Mass Effect with all my determination. It sits on my shelf, collecting dust and crying quietly to itself while I sometimes glare at it, quietly mouthing threats. Second, EA is a bunch of evil bastards who market buggy, crappy games (not all, but many) and practice shady business.

But Mass Effect 2 was only $10. So if it sucks, I'm only out 10 bones. Also, I only really paid EA $10 so I barely gave them any money. But enough of that.

Mass Effect 2 is decently fun thus far. The inventory system is much improved from the first...but that is sort of like saying "Oh yes, this car is much improved--it explodes %10 less often than the original!" Seriously, the inventory system and leveling system in the first Mass Effect was horrible. So I am glad to see them both improved. The plot is also somewhat better thus far.

But my main issue with Mass Effect was its constant "Talk to this person for 40 minutes, get quest, run across a starport, talk to several people for another hour, fight maybe once, then talk to the end person and turn in the quest...then talk for another 30 minutes." Seriously, it was like playing "Soap Opera: The Game". It was a snooze fest of the epic variety. If there was a "Triangle Hero" game, chances are it would be more fun than Mass Effect.

Honestly, I should've just written an entire blog on "Why I Think Mass Effect is a Steaming Pile of Poopy." But, anyway, Mass Effect 2 improves on a lot of the shortcomings of the first. It is not my ideal game but it seems to be worth $10 so far, a statement I cannot make about its predecessor (which I got used for $10, and want my money back).

Also, I started up another D&D group. I am quite happy about this. I am having trouble finding time to actually write the game and we have only met for one session but, so far, it looks very promising. I think we will have a good time. Sadly, it has been so long since I played D&D that there is a ton of common rules and such that I no longer even remember. It took us all quite a while just to make the characters. But roleplaying for me has always been 50% playing and 50% socializing so I find it difficult to complain. And since the gaming group sort of fell into my lap unexpectedly, I figure it's a good thing.

In addition to a time crunch, my creative juices seem to have either dried up or simply clotted. Regardless, it has been very difficult lately for me to do anything creative. If you consider building retaining walls or cutting the grass to fall under the "creative" category, then I am doing spectacular. Personally, I do not. Hopefullly it will pass. If it doesn't, my D&D group may just end up facing nondescript, unidentified monsters named Bob.

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