Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What the World Needs Now...

♫is love, sweet love games♫

Okay, the world needs a lot of things, 'tis true. But what about me? What about my needs? Why doesn't the world stop and say something like "Hey, what about this random dude? This guy? Yeah, the one with the messed up hair and grunt plushy on his shoulder! What does he want?"

Okay, enough of that. Seriously. But, yes, I do have a grunt plushy, he's just not on my shoulder.

Yeah, this guy means business
So I've found myself replaying some old games lately and pondering the things that, in my mind, made them so great. And I realize that I really really want, not necessarily the exact same game, but more games that produce the same effect.
1. Wing Commander: Outright, hands down, I need another space combat flight sim. To my knowledge, nobody has produced one of these for ages--maybe not since Descent Freespace 2? Honestly, I don't really need an engaging plot. Just gimme the high-flying, fast-paced action and I'd probably be happy for a while.
2. Halo 3: ODST: I go back to this game time and time again. It's not the most popular Halo game but it just might be my favorite. The noir, lonely atmosphere combined with the gameplay takes me there. And the soundtrack...genius.
3. Age of Mythology (and The Titans expansion): As far as RTS games go, this one might very well be my favorite. It is extremely well-balanced and included mechanics never seen in any other RTSes. With RTS games, I generally disregard the campaign and base my opinion mostly on multiplayer (or me vs. AI opponents), and this one kept me entertained for years. I played the crud out of this game.
4. Portal 2: Really, both Portal games but moreso Portal 2. It is funny, witty, a bit creepy, and challenging at times. It was just overall one of the most well-done games that comes to mind--solid through and through. It doesn't hurt that, at times, I was too busy laughing to pay attention to the game itself. Also, it has the largest ever door in a video game. What's cooler than that???
5. The Temple of Elemental Evil: Whoa...throwback, here. In my opinion, this is the best ever turn-based D&D game. Aside from the old "Pool of Radiance" classic D&D games, this is the only real turn-based D&D game. And, hey, once the community was done patching it for Atari, the game was AWESOME!
6. Crysis:
Ha! Hell no. Just kidding.

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