Monday, November 4, 2013

The Good Guys Don't Run Out of Ammo

Hi. I have a deep, dark secret that I need to get off my chest. I'm not proud of it and I've been suppressing it for years, like the memory of that time I spray painted that cat's butt. Oh, but that's an entirely different discussion.

I am an habitual reloader. There. I said it, and it feels good!

I don't care if the clip is still almost full. There could be a horde of zombies or Locust or Covenant just around this next corner and if I'm short one bullet then I could die! So, yeah, I want a full clip! Is that wrong?? I'm just trying to be dependable!

Seriously, though, I reload my weapon in videogames constantly. If I don't have a full clip, I feel naked and exposed. If I fire off a mere two rounds out of 60, yep, I reload. In Halo 4, this translates into reloading the SAW constantly, each reload taking 5 seconds or so (which feels like an eternity). In Gears of War, this means that I will shoot one round and reload just to get a perfect reload.

In a real war, I would be spending all of my time reloading and probably never really shoot anything. I could probably be the "Designated Reloader"--soldiers could give me their empty weapons and I'd trade them a fully-loaded one. I've become pretty good at reloading long as that only requires pushing the X button. I can push that X button like it's nobody's business. So if you need someone to push the X button, I'm your guy!

I finished all three Dead Space games in less than a month. These were my Creepy October Games for 2013. I had only intended to play through maybe the first two but I sort of devoured them voraciously, like a dog in a room populated with full litterboxes. Yeah, stunning visual, right?

Dead Space 1: Sluggish controls but a suitably creepy atmosphere. Half the time, it's what you don't see that freaks you out--sounds, shadows, etc. The other half, it's the face-eating necromorph trying to crack open your noggin that scares you.

Dead Space 2: More of the same, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The developers tightened  things up and made a pretty good game, here. The downside? The plot. Wow, it's a bit out there. Honestly, it wasn't very interesting, seemed a teensy bit convoluted, and was all around just tough to grasp.

Really Fast, Really Simple Game Reviews:

Dead Space 3: The plot generally gets worse and the action stays the same. Things are less creepy this time around, and are more action-oriented. But what I really found annoying was the drastic change to the way gear upgrades are handled. Wow. They used to be simple (maybe overly simple) and, now, they're all over the place. I found myself just not caring much about most of the upgrades/weapon construction options and simply powering through the game to finish it. And, seriously, sending three ubermorphs (undefeatable enemies) after me at once and having them follow me through a good portion of one level...that's just cheap.

All of that said, they are generally enjoyable games--even moreso because I got all of them for about $20, if I recall correctly.

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