Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Switch Gears

I tend to cover a wide range of subjects here but gaming tends to take center stage more than anything else. I am going to banish gaming to the side stage for a moment--you know, the stage off to the left and rear that usually has some act you've never heard of, but that involves a tank of water, peanut butter, and some kind of monkey.  Yeah, that stage. But I'll bring it back and it'll smell only slightly worse. Promise.

I have always been a writer. I used to enjoy writing fiction and, one day, dream about publishing it. The goal was never to become famous and rich because I'm much more realistic. A lot of people write things but few ever really make it big. I have no illusions.

Back when I started, the process was rather archaic. You fished around for an agent and they fished around for a publisher for you. It was a rather terrible experience. I did actually make an attempt. I sent off probably a dozen letters to agents and got rather nonchalant, uninterested responses. So I eventually shelved it because I had bigger fish to fry. Tasty, tasty fry.

But, recently, the bug has hit me again and I have embraced it 100%. Getting published by a major publisher still is not easy. About that I have no illusions. But, since it was never actually my goal to be published by a big publishing house (don't get me wrong, it'd be awesome if that happened), then I can now follow a much easier route--self-publishing.

E-readers have made it much easier for writers to get their works out. Sure, we don't make money hand over fist but a true writer simply wants to entertain--to have someone read his or her work and enjoy it. And that is what I want to do. If I can make a living off of it, then so be it.

This week I started a novel. I intend to finish it, edit it, and get it published both in e-book format as well as publish it in a physical book. And I am having SO MUCH FUN doing it! Thanks to "the cloud", I can write pretty much anywhere on any device at any time. This is very handy when an idea strikes or I just want to get out some material.

So I am pretty psyched. Hopefully the momentum not dwindle and I will produce something that both I can be proud of and also that people will not only want to read but enjoy!

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Mike Finney said...

Sounds solid! Offering something tangible to the world is appealing. mentions this too in the Inspiration section