Sunday, April 6, 2014

Honey! Where are my PANTS??

I'm splitting it up again. Hold me back! I'm a wild man!!!

The only gaming I've been doing is Diablo 3. Gaming has always been a large part of my life and I believe it will continue to be in the future. I started Halo: Reach with the intent of taking a while to play through all of the Halo titles. Even after I've played them a billion times each, I still enjoy them. Better yet, I still discover little nuances in each one that I didn't see the first go-around...or the 15th.

So...the Xbox One and PS4. Yeah. I have no intention of buying a PS4. I've nothing against it--I think it is a solid platform. But it's not had a library of games that I've felt compelled to play. Sure, I'd like to give God of War a spin and I'd definitely like to play through the two Infamous games. But I'm not going to get a whole new console for that. Anyway, the old games aren't compatible with the PS4. So maybe I'll just buy a PS3 on the cheap some day. But I doubt it. But maybe...

As far as the Xbone goes, I'm not really in a hurry to buy one of those, either. I've heard mixed reviews of the system. Some people have had massive problems with it while others have had none. The fact of the matter is, even now, there are no games out for it that I need to play. If I want Titanfall, I'll play it on my PC.

Sure, Halo 5 is being thrown around, and Destiny is coming out in November. Destiny isn't available on PC so it might convince me to eventually pick up an Xbox One...maybe. But I don't buy a lot of console games and, truth be told, Microsoft keeps throwing free Xbox 360 games at me. And since I haven't even been gaming much, I've got a backlog on the 360 that rivals my Steam library.

As far as the writing goes, it is the reason I am not gaming much. And I am thoroughly letting it monopolize my time. And the reward I am reaping from it is amazing. I have completed 22 chapters of the book thus far and I'm still going strong.

I do, however, admit to one anxiety. Whilest I write within a chapter everything is all awesome and stuff. And finishing a chapter feels amazing. It's nice to sit back and feel the sense of accomplishment. But it also brings on a bit of worry in me. I have this fear that my brain is suddenly not going to be able to come up with material to write. If ever I get stuck in a writer's block state of mind, it is between chapters.

It's happened. It's happened a lot. Luckily, it eventually subsides. But I can't force myself to overcome it. I either write on another work or, well, play a video game. Sometimes sleep helps--though I almost never wake up with ideas. A lot of inspiration comes while in the shower, believe it or not. Sometimes an idea reveals itself at work or in the car.

I used to come up with a plethora of ideas while running. This doesn't happen much anymore. I am notorious for zoning out completely while I run. Much of that used to be because I was lost in thought. But, now, I just let go of most everything and simply run.

As of late I have been camping out at Starbucks on Sundays and I write. It is actually less distracting than being at home because, while I'm surrounded by people, I am not surrounded by pets, video games, and televisions. And I get a lot written. And it is amazing.

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Mike Finney said...

Yes, Starbucks or Hyvee for wireless. Shower works. Meditation works. Simple meditation with a timer like focus on your breathing for 9 minutes, when distracted recognize the thought, and go back to breathing. Nothing spooky.