Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6.3 in 54:22

So, the 80 degree mark is pretty much exactly where it gets uncomfortable to run. Even with a breeze I can feel it slow me down. I still had a good run in the park, though.

The girls each got a stuffed toy poodle yesterday. G got one because one of her friends has one. T got one because Sissy had one. I feel like I should get one just so I'm not feeling left out. G's poodle's name changes approximately once every 1.5 minutes. I think it's currently "Sassafrass", but she may have changed it in her sleep.

I still assert that the scariest noise to wake up to in the middle of the night is a cat horking a wad somewhere in the house. This, by far, beats the noise any intruder might make and strikes more fear into my very being. If you get up and look for it, you risk stepping in it. If you leave it until the morning it'll become a permanent part of the carpet. And it will be on the carpet, because cats are not considerate enough to barf somewhere convenient like linoleum.

I ordered a 12-month Xbox Live Gold card from and it arrived a gargantuan, bubble-wrap lined envelope. For an item the size of a credit card! Of course, the card itself is packed in hard plastic, as if it somehow might instantly shatter into hundreds of pieces if I were to look at it wrong. It seems like a lot of waste for such a small, simple item.

If you're bored and are in need of 60 seconds of fun, I recommend this game: Light People on Fire. The name says it all! (The audio makes all the difference.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Layout, New Writing

Huh. I really don't like any of the layouts that Blogspot offers but I'm also too lazy to tweak them to my liking. So I guess I'll just go with this one for a while. I found the last one to be too jumbled with no real way to divide the lists on the side with the body.

I've written a new piece for my portfolio on if anyone is interested. You can use either the link on the side or this one: It's entitled "To the Finish Line" and is my account of running a marathon. I found it entertaining to write but have no idea what kind of a read it is. If you like it, great. If you don't, well, I owe you a Coke.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Truly Random Monday

I have no cohesive thoughts this morning so this is basically coming from my fingertips as I think of it.

First Thought: If someone makes cookies consisting primarily of oatmeal, only eat one or two.

Second Thought: Lawn care is a pain in the neck. You plant grass and it grows. But it grows too high so you have to cut it. Then you have to water it if there is no rain...only to cut it again. Weeds grow no matter what the conditions and some even come with nice little flowers. Um, go weeds? No, better yet...Go Autumn!

Third Thought: If you take said cookies from Thought #1 to work and hand them out to coworkers, make sure they only eat one or two.

Fourth Thought: Any movie with the name "Uwe Boll" in the credits will be bad. If you think you are in danger of viewing one of these movies, just walk away--even if it's free.

Random Stats:

Last Movie Viewed: "Infection" (A SciFi pictures original)
Last GOOD Movie Viewed: "Stardust"
In my car CD Player Currently: Dragonforce's "Inhuman Rampage"
In my Xbox 360 Currently: Rock Band
In my stomach Currently: Too many cookies from Thought #1. :P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Truly Random

Rolling out of bed before 7:00 on a Saturday is always brutal. This morning it was 6:45 that I was summoned forth by my (soon to be) 2-year-old daughter, her cries of "Mommy" coming softly from her room. Luckily, Daddy works just as well. Of course, it's my own fault for staying up late Friday night. I'm how old and I still haven't learned yet? I'm a night owl; always have been. Sometimes I wish was a morning person, though that whim usually passes quickly.

Today promises to be busy--I have to slather the lawn in chemicals to both prevent weeds and kill the ones that are already there (and they are legion!). I want to go get some tomato and pepper plants and put them in the back yard. I'd also like to get a good run in but a) I don't know if I'm energetic enough for that and b) the temperature won't be optimal for most of the day. That, and I'm feeling lazy today.

So I've decided that I'm the only person I know of that can give himself a cramp in his chin from yawning. Sad, but true. It often ruins a perfectly good yawn and makes me look awfully weird as I open and close my mouth repeatedly to try to relieve the cramp. How's that for achieving the epitome of lazy? I don't get a cramp doing anything strenuous--just yawning. Go figure.

Friday, April 25, 2008

So, uh Yeah...

So here I am, blogging. Why a blog, you ask? Well, why not? I have recently jumped back into the writing arena and need a creative outlet to explore ideas and thoughts. Also, I like to spout random, useless tidbits of information. Besides, is one more blog going to break the Intarwebz? I hope not...that's where I keep lots of my stuff!

As I mentioned, I am reintroducing myself to the world of writing creatively. I stopped suddenly about four years ago and haven't written a word since--until now. And, I gotta say, it feels good to be putting pen to paper again (or fingers to keyboard, as it were). This blog will have plenty to do with that but it will also deal with anything I feel like. Don't like it? Walk out. We still have all your...well, you didn't pay, so nevermind.

I have a companion blog on that will pretty much be a watered-down mirror of this blog (mostly having to do with writing). Should you wish to visit, it is in my portfolio here: http://Writing.Com/authors/vorpal_steak along with all of the other works I've posted. Check them out and leave a comment if you feel the need. All criticisms are welcome!

So who am I and why should you care? Well, I can answer the first part. The second part...well, that's up to you.

I am a simple netizen. I work in the IT field putting out fires and making things run smoothly. I enjoy writing, reading, playing games (all manner of games), playing video games, listening to music and running. I was once referred to as "the crass one" and, having been a long time since I last did it, I would really love to go plummeting down a snowy mountain on a couple of sticks. Bored yet?

So read on, valiant...erm...well, just read on.

And, remember, if you enjoy this blog just half as much as I do, then I am enjoying it twice as much as you.