Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Just wanting to stop and take a moment to wish all of you readers (all two and a half of you) a Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope whatever holiday you celebrate is awesome. And if you don't celebrate a holiday at this time, then Happy Sunday! :)

Whatever you do, have a safe and wonderful day and try to remember all of the good things in life that make you happy.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Been a Year Already?

It's that time of year again...the season is in full swing. Money is spent and, just like every other year, I feel as if it was a huge waste of money. Never is there much satisfaction in this transaction (ooh, I rhymed!).

You might think the blessed event to which I refer is Christmas shopping. Nay, I say. Sometimes I enjoy Christmas shopping. Certainly, where Christmas shopping is represented by a unicorn made of lollipops, this event is represented by a pissed off, undead platypus made of licorice jelly beans and pure hatred.

Also, the platypus has naked pictures of me and is going to post them on the Internet. Oh, and he has a chainsaw...though I have no idea what he's going to use it for. Yeah, I hate this event that much. But what...what event could possibly be this putrid and vile, you ask? Three words.


Every time we pay this "bill", I feel like I just paid someone perfectly good money to punch babies and make my life miserable. Every time, I feel like a piece of me dies horribly in a tire fire, screaming "Whyyyyyy???" If that part of me is cancer, then I suppose I could handle that. Otherwise, no dice.

So, yeah...every year that's a check I don't want to write. Why? Because our Homeowner's Association is silly. You may or may not remember that I used to be the Vice President and, then, the President of such an accursed pact. I joined so that I could keep the association from doing things that normally piss off homeowners. Long story short...our Homeowner's Association is silly. Normally I'd use stronger words but I'm feeling festive!!

But enough about that. How about this?

Syfy Saturday Presents: Snowmageddon (cue suspenseful music and shocked gopher-like creature).

So you're all being comfy on the couch and decide to watch this "Snowmageddon" movie because, in the past, Syfy has delivered some awesome gems of the cinema, right? So there's this small, rather isolated town, right? And people are all going about their business, doing their normal "pre-disaster" activities like buying toilet paper and...using toilet paper. Nobody suspects anything until BOOM!!! Oh no! Hell! It's broken loose! Aaaaaa!!!

Sounds like any normal Syfy movie, right? WRONG!! You are so wrong! You couldn't be any more wrong if you had an automatic "Wrong machine" on the wrongest day of the wrongest month of the WRONGEST YEAR!!!

Okay, actually, you're pretty close. But, see, there's this magic snowglobe causing everything. I know, right? And once they find out, this kid and his father can't get anyone to believe them!!!

But that's only true for, like, three minutes. Surprisingly, after a few seconds of skepticism, everyone jumps on board and is all like "Yeah, we believed you from the start!" and "I wanna have your babies!!" and "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

So...that's pretty much it. Snowglobe. Disasters. Oddly enough, the movie is titled "Snowmageddon" but snow actually has a very small part in the whole story. Volcanoes, mystical ground spikes, and earthquakes take center stage instead. They probably should have called this movie "Randomshitmageddon".

Oh, also, this movie stars nobody you've heard of. Trust me.

Okay, so here are your Drive-In Totals:
Ski punks snuffed: 2
Mysteriously disappearing babysitters: 1
Downed helicopters: 1
Really far-out metaphors relating to a nerdy board game that is patterned heavily after Lord of the Rings: 1
Snoring (sorry, that was me)
Evil storms

2 stars

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Alright, so it's been a while since I've written anything here. Mostly, with Thanksgiving, I sort of forgot. Add to that a sizeable amount of laziness and a pinch of...more laziness, and you have my excuse.
I don't really have a whole lot say during this update. And, as I have this philosophy of not writing anything when there is nothing to be written, I suppose I'll be quite brief!
Time is flying. Halloween has been over for a month and, yet, it seems like it was just last week. Thanksgiving has flown past, and now it is time to tie everything down, hide the children, feed the pets, and prep for Christmas.
Lately, I've been immersed in Skyrim. I'm not really sure anything else needs to be said about this except...stay away from the giants and their precious mammoths!! For the love of god, just leave them alone!! Also, leave Britney alone!!!
In addition, I have slowly been playing through Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition on Legendary difficulty. And it's really fun to see all of the old game redone in a new, updated style. It's like visiting an old friend who has a new hairdo...and bought new clothes...and actually showers now.
Maybe the level "The Library" will be more fun? :)
Anyway, that's about it for now. I haven't seen any Syfy movies because of all the holiday stuff, football and whatnot. But I intend to get back to them soon. Because, well, I know that I'm about the only person who watches them. And, without me, that whole network will go under!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick, Robin, to the Random Cave!

Halloween has come and gone. If you know anything about me, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is the only holiday I know of that is fueled by 100% imagination. Most people look forward to Christmas or President's Day (okay, maybe not) but, for me, it is all about Halloween.

Cheers to AMC for its FearFest nonstop horror movie beatdown. Jeers, however, to AMC because 90% of the movies it showed were Halloween 1, 3, 4, 5, and H2O. Now, Halloween 1 and 2 are possibly my all-time favorite horror movies. So why didn't they show Halloween 2? A better question would be thus: Why the Hell did they bother showing Halloween III? That movie deserves to be buried in the desert with all of those E.T. Atari 2600 games...maybe even below them.

So I saw plenty of "Halloween" but not much of anything else. They didn't even show the last Halloween movie with the reality show--not a real great movie, but wildly entertaining and funny.

And Syfy...well, they tried. They try every year. Sometimes they succeed...kinda. But saying "Syfy succeeds" is like saying "Well, your car is almost totaled." And then, on Halloween itself, they totally give up and just play "Ghost Hunters" all day. Seriously? Why not just show a test pattern all day? Or maybe just show "Halloween III" all day? That might actually be better. I hate to say that.

Screw Ghost Hunters.

Syfy offered up Zombie Apocalypse (starring Ving Rhames) for their Saturday fare. We only watched the last half of it Aside from the "zombie tiger in the middle of a city" part of it, it was your average "run and gun", shoot zombies movie. Enjoyable but, again, we only watched half of it.

Instead, I offer you: Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil.

The only actor in this movie I recognized is Alan Tudyk from "Firefly" and "Serenity" fame. He played Tucker, one of two hilbillies who are minding their own business, fixing up a vacation home in the middle of the woods. College students are camping nearby and the hillbillies save one of them from drowning. They bring her back to their home to help her.

The rest of the college students believe that Tucker & Dale are vicious killers and try to stop them. Hilarity ensues when the college students start accidentally killing themselves (and each other) while Tucker and Dale are trying to survive and help, panicking and freaking out constantly.

I found this movie to be an hiliarous anti-horror movie. Now, it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped--not stomach hurting, roll out of your chair funny--but I did find myself laughing quite a bit. It's so outlandishly ridiculous and a bit over the top, but the movie itself was done very well. It's definitely worth a view

Here are your Drive-In Totals:
Dead college students: Lots
Stupid cops: 1
Chamomile tea-fu

4 stars

Monday, October 17, 2011

No Title is Coming to Mind

Quick Stuff, here.
  • Vacation was fun in a frenetic, "I have to go to the bathroom now and will have to do so again in 10 minutes" kind of way. I definitely had fun watching the girls have fun at Disney.
  • Phineas and Ferb is a relatively entertaining show...even five hundred times in a row.
  • There is nothing like trying to watch "A Game of Thrones" on your iPad, on the plane...surrounded by people...when the sex scenes start up. Creative angling of said media device is a must.
  • I've tried to play Doom 3 as one of my "Halloween games"...but I just can't. I know it's been out for a few years but it really doesn't look like it was that good when it was released in the first place.
  • Extra Life 2011 was a resounding success. $1.1 million was raised, shattering last year's total of $300,000 or so. I raised $250 which doesn't seem like much compared to those previous numbers, but I'm still proud of it.
  • I played through all five Bungie Halo games in 23 hrs, 30 minutes.
  • I didn't doze off once.
  • I might have wanted to.
  • The weather has gone from 85 degrees to 60 degrees overnight. I love Fall.
  • October is my favorite month but it always seems to fly by so quickly.

That's all for now.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Why is it that...

So you've probably all seen the arguments: Android vs. iPhone, Xbox vs. Playstation, Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla...okay, maybe not that last one. I mean, it's absurd to try to choose between those two. It's like "which is better? Peanut butter, or robot peanut butter?" Seriously.

But, as for these great debates, they have merit. No, it's not the actual debate itself that I have problems with. If the actual debate is like the chocolate Oreo cookies, then the way the debate is handled is like the creme filling...which must be made of ass, because that is what people look like when they enter these debates.

And it's not just any, garden-variety ass we're talking about, here. Because these "meetings of the minds" usually end up in a "my dad can beat up your dad" kind of argument. Only, instead of that, it's more like "my technological device can Google Map your mom's private parts and your phone can't!"

I don't know about you but that is something I don't want. Keep your phone. I'll go back to the telegraph or two cans and string.

Seriously, why does it matter do much to people that I don't play the same console they do or I have a different tablet or phone than they do? They didn't invent their device, so why are they so proud of it? Aren't we all allowed to make our choices? Personally, I am of the opinion that we should all simply marvel at technology and how badass it is and figure out cool things to do with it. I don't care what phone or console you have. I care which one I have.

Crud. Battlefield 3 drops on October 25th. Gotta remember that. Good thing I'm done with Gears of War 3.

Oh yeah, about that...Gears of War 3. Awesome game. Got it on Friday, finished it on Sunday (on Hardcore). Awesome game. Did I already say that? It left a few questions open, which disappointed me a bit. But, really, that's akin to getting a brand new Lamborghini and finding yourself disappointed that the tank is only 2/3 full.

It's gritty, it's irreverant, it's bloody and loud--it's Gears of War as we know it! It's also really long so full of chainsawy (yes, that is now a word) goodness! I won't get into game mechanics probably already know them. My only real issue (unanswered questions aside) was that each main quest had about 500 small parts to it. For example, one dude says "You must shut down the generator! There are three levers!" Three? Why? What kind of generator has three levers in completely different parts of the complex!? And then, when you finally do shut down said multilevered generator device, you realize you have to shut down something else...and it has six levers!! Can't I just blow up Locusts while my AI cohorts do all the footwork for me? This is so totally a quest for a Level 1 player character. I'm, like...level 3...maybe. But, yeah...good game. Highly recommended.

It's Autumn, the temperature is dropping and I have the urge to decorate for Halloween. I'm gonna...but I gotta clean the carpets first. It's not a prerequisite for decorating, merely something I have to do.

I am gearing up for Extra Life 2011 on October 15th. Thanks to all who have donated! I haven't tried to raise any money lately--I've exceeded my goal. I am going to play through all of the Bungie Halo games--note that I specify Bungie games. I have not the time to play through Halo Wars and it doesn't really factor into the original story. I will be taking a break around midnight (for about 30 minutes) to play EnviroBear 2000 Operation: Hibernation!!

This game looks so deliciously bad, it's funny. So I'll put up with it for 30 minutes, hopefully. And, yes, I am going to stream the whole event with a webcam pointed at the TV. Yeah, it's all ghetto and stuff, but I really am too lazy to mess around any more with my TV card. It'll either be streaming at:

So if you have a bad case of insomnia, or if you just really hate yourself and want some easy punishment, tune in! I'll most likely send out a reminder again sometime before the event.

No, I have no Syfy movie this week. I was watching the Mizzou game and playing Gears of War 3. So sue me.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why the Hell do I do this?

You might be thinking that I'm going to devote a really long post to 9/11. No, not really. Not here. I will say this: I still remember. I hung the flag, I took some time to contemplate and...I still remember.

Saturday was race day--The Roots N' Blues N' Barbeque half-marathon. And, once again, I found myself asking "why the Hell do I do this?" Actually, I asked myself that during the last couple of miles. That is usually when the question creeps into my head as I'm just wanting to make it back alive. It started about the time I passed the lady holding up one finger and yelling "one more to go!!" I'm not sure if she knew where she was supposed to be stationed because, according to my phone's GPS (and its timer combined with my pace), there were still approximately 2 miles to go.

But, every year before the race, I am reminded of why I do race every year. No, I never expect to actually come in first. There is no glory associated with any races in which I participate. No glory, only running, some mild swearing, and a lot of water.

It is nice to have a goal--something to train for that makes all the summer running worth it. I doubt if I would exercise quite so much if I did not have an ultimate goal in sight. I sure as hell wouldn't be out in 115-degree (that's with the heat index) heat, running like a fool if I wasn't planning on putting it to good use.

But race day is something special--full of anticipation, adrenaline, and high hopes. It's something to share with the few thousand other runners who, like me, got up early and paid their money all hot and sweaty and tired. Yeah, I could definitely do this all for free but I wouldn't. Because then I'd really be crazy.

And this particular race is an interesting dynamic. Not only do you have all of the racers and the organizers up, bright and ugly, getting ready for the race, but you also have countless barbeque fanatics who have been cooking in preparation for the festival later in the day. Some of them, I suspect, have been smoking meats all night. So they are up and about, watching all of these running maniacs get ready to prance around town...and, by "prance", I mean "huff and puff and stagger".

It all turned out well--I finished the 13.1 mile jaunt in 2:01:01. It was not leisurely by any stretch of the imagination, but I've also done better. I think I simply didn't have the drive this year. I love races but I do not feel the need to push it and try to run up every hill or whatnot. Besides, Waffle House Hill is a killer!

As a result, I am surprisingly sore today. And not just my legs. No, my shoulders and parts of my arms are sore. I've really no idea why. I ran 13.2 miles a few weeks ago to prepare and wasn't a bit sore in the days following. So I will blame adrenaline and, yes, Waffle House Hill. Damn you, Waffle House Hill!! For the record, everyone looked like they wanted to die after they got to the top of that hill. And one runner was yarking quite heavily by the side of the road.

As far as Syfy's Saturday movie goes, I'll sum it up (because I didn't watch all of it).

Syfy Pictures Presents: Jabberwock

Starring Tahmoh Penikett (most notably from "Dollhouse"), this movie really doesn't stand out in any way. Basically, a Jabberwock (from legend and, yes, Lewis Carrol's poem is actually quoted in the movie) shows up, eats some people, destroys some stuff and then leaves. And the inhabitants of this town decide they must kill it. Also, it has babies growing in eggs. Also, apparently armor is just now being invented. Also, the fight scenes all look like the actors are stabbing randomly, 10 feet from any enemy that might actually be nearby.

That's pretty much a good summary of the parts that I watched. I got bored and sleepy and wandered off to bed before seeing the thrilling conclusion. As a result, I am refraining from an actual review of this movie because there really wasn't enough of anything to rate as "fu" or anything else interesting.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Really Have Nothing to Say

Honestly, I don't really think I have much worthy of a blog post. I figured I'd ramble for a minute to reaffirm that I am alive. At least, as far as I know. I could be a zombie. But I don't crave brains. Can zombies crave hot wings? If so, then that could explain some things...and raise a whole bunch of new, disturbing questions.

I haven't done any writing for quite a while. I finished a short story a few months ago but I haven't even advertised it on yet. I want to go back and make sure it's not total, utter trash before I throw it out there for the cyberworld to look at and, hopefully critique. It's been so long since I wrote it, I honestly don't remember if it needed editing.

Instead, I've been slowly slogging through reading up on C#. I ultimately would like to know the programming language well enough to actually start coding some programs. I will probably be able to do this only by diving in and seeing what I can do. Alas, my lousy attention span has become a hindrance and I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on C# and, instead, occupy myself with random thoughts and shiny objects. But I'm getting through it and, though I may not retain everything, I'm getting the gist of it. This means my programs may not work as intended, but might have hilarious, world-ending results instead.

Fall is almost here and I find I have much to look forward a purely superficial and mostly electronic sense. First of all, NFL football is finally back tonight. Both sides finally realized that a lockout would mean that nobody got their beloved paychecks and decided to begrudgingly commence doing something so painful that it almost didn't happen--play a game for a shitwad of cash. Oh the humanity!!!

But, despite how I feel about the greed involved, I am very glad that football has returned.

I also find myself looking forward to several video game releases. In September, there is Gears of War 3. In October, there is Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. November brings me Skyrim and, following in December, is supposed to be Diablo 3. That last one--I will believe it when I have it in my hot little hands, playing it for hours on end and ultimately suffering from the dreaded mouse claw (which is, despite arguments to the contrary, much worse than Nintendo Thumb).

The non-electronic things to look forward to: The Roots N' Blues N' Barbeque half-marathon this coming Saturday. Then there is my Extra Life charity 24-hour gaming marathon in October. Fall starts this month and it brings much awesomeness with it...can't forget that. And, of course, there is a vacation and, ultimately, Halloween!

I love Autumn.

So, yeah...nothing really important to say except that I truly enjoy this time of year, and the reasons are many.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Summer, GTFO

So, normally, August is my most detested month. It's hot, humid, there are no holidays and its just a miserable month. This year, however, I am declaring July to be my most detested month of the year. Sure, it has a holiday that gives us a day off, but it was so damned hot. It was what August usually is. Also, I've come to realize that August has some good point--preseason football and children returning to school. So, this year August, you get a reprieve. But don't presume to think that this lets you off the hook. I'm sure you'll be a jerk next year.

This year, the garden was quite a bit more successful than I had thought it would be. I neglected (mostly on purpose) to stake the tomatoes and it would seem they liked this a whole bunch more than previous years. The cherry tomatoes went bonkers. We never really got to do much with them because both G and T pretty much ate them like grapes. I can't complain about that, though. The jalapeno plants are producing and, hopefully, the pepper plants will follow suit. Next year I am going to start their seedlings in January.

You know what? Let's just get down to it...

Syfy Pictures Presents: Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

That pesky megalodon (yes, the same one from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octoputs) is back and creating more problems for, well, everyone who doesn't want to be eaten. But, wait, it gets more complicated! As the title suggests, there is also a giant, prehistoric crocodile on the loose. But wait!! Yes, there's more! This giant "crocosaurus" is laying eggs!! Could it possibly get worse?? You betcha. Not only is there a giant shark, a giant, crocodile, and giant baby crocodiles, but the world also has to deal with Jaleel White! Yep. You read that right. Urkel is trying to save the world. We are all doomed. Kiss your ass goodbye, denizens of the earth.

No need to hear any backstory. The fact that a giant freaking shark and crocodile (I keep wanting to type "crocktopus") are on the loose should be more than enough for you. Besides, any exposition would simply detract from the awesomeness that is two giant prehistoric monsters destroying shit just to look cool.

So, anyway, Urkel, some scoundrel guy, and a CIA (or FBI or MTV or something) chick are trying to fight these two beasts. They spend most of their time inside a not-very-convincing helicopter, yelling at each other and being generally annoying as shit. At one point, their helicopter went down and I thought they had all died. Then disappointment hit when I realized they were alive. Honestly, I was sort of cheering on the giant monsters in this flick. They just looked like they were having so much fun. I wanted them to win, just so they wouldn't cry when they lost. I mean, seriously, the human population came up with so many lame plans to kill these monsters; I figured they were shoe-ins to institute the new world order!

And I, for one, welcome our megalodon-crocosaurus hybrid masters! Alas, it was not meant to be. The humans win in the end (presumably) and the shark and croc are left to hopefully plot to return another day.

In all honesty, this movie kinda sucked and it truly was because I hated all of the characters in it (except for the poorly CGI'd shark and croc). Ah well, it was certainly better than some of the crap Syfy throws at the wall.

Anyway, here are your Drive-in Totals:
Dead Australian chicks: 1
Dead miners: Somewhere areound 30
Baby croc swarms: 1
Ships wrecked: 2
Submarines eaten like a hotdog: 1

2 1/2 stars

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Quick Glance Back

About 12 years ago, I was working at a software company doing technical support on the front lines. The company's name was Datastorm and their flagship product was Procomm Plus. If you are able to look on your company's file server there is a decent chance a copy of that software resides there.

Datastorm was bought by Quarterdeck (eventually purchased by Symantec) and was going downhill quickly, so I chose to become a rat fleeing a sinking ship. It was my first official real job and I worked alongside some of the best, most genuine people I've ever met--people who cared about their employer and their coworkers. And the company, while it could, spoiled its employees. We were a big family, and we knew it.

Just recently, one of those coworkers organized a reunion. While there were a bunch of people absent, I found it refreshing to reminisce about "the good ol' days" and see where they ended up. True, I've been working alongside ex-Datastormers in almost every other job I've had, but there were a lot of us and it was nice to see those I even barely remembered.

Along with that, I started backtracking through my career. On one hand, 12 years seems like a really long time--I've had three jobs since then. On the other hand, it sometimes seems like it was just last week. So here is a brief comparison of random things then, and random things now.

Video Games: Diablo, Daggerfall, Warcraft 2, Starcraft


Halo, Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, Starcraft 2, Portal 2



No pets

Approximately 2 1/2 billion pets


Married (to same wonderful woman I was dating) with kids

I drove a 1995 Ford Contour (my first car) which lasted 14 years. I scrappped it two years ago. My gaming rig back then was a Pentium 300 MHz. It's now a six-core, 3.2 GHz monster. Back then I also played on a Super Nintendo. Now it's an Xbox 360. There were no professional video game leagues, and 3D accelerator cards (yes, separate cards) had 12 megs of RAM if you were rich.

Gas was somewhere near $1 a gallon. There was no Google, and Yahoo! was the dominant search engine. Broadband Internet was still a few years away and wouldn't hit mainstream until a couple of years after that. Certainly routers and wireless networks in the home was simply outlandish! :) It was mostly all about 56K modems...aaaawwww yeah! America Online was still a driving force and Linux was becoming present, but was mostly unheard of. Most people were not tied to their cell phones because, well, they weren't prevalent yet.

I still keep in touch with all of the friends I had at the time, and have made many new, wonderful friends since then. I'm interested to see what the next 13 years bring me. I often miss that first job and wish I'd had the opportunity to work there sooner.

Okay, so that's the "back in my day..." speech. We'll move on to things more recent...

Syfy Saturday presents "Age of Dragons

Quick summary: It's "Moby Dick"...only with Danny Glover and a couple of dragons. Unfortunately, there is not a lot I can say about this movie. Syfy seems to have a love affair with "Moby Dick" and keeps remaking it (this is the second reimagining in as many months).

So, instead of a whale, it's a "great white dragon". And, instead of no females, there is one chick. Their "ship" is some strange vehicle that travels through snow and, yes, has anchors for some reason. I asked the question facetiously "I wonder if their crappy ship has an anchor?" And, not a minute later, they dropped anchors. Ha!

So, really, all I can say is that it was a very cool reimagining but, in the end, it was quite boring and the acting was overly dramatic.

Here are your Drive-in Totals:
Wyverns killed: Countless
Exposition: Also countless
Bored viewers: 2
People chomping

1 1/2 stars

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Random Melted

Not that this is a surprise to anyone in the US but, damn, it's hot. I've pretty much been holing up in the house, trying to avoid looking outside, the sheer act of which seems to make me warmer. Because of this, I have gotten quite a bit of gaming in. The bad news is that we haven't gotten much of anything else accomplished.

I've managed to be able to run outside but, most of the time, each run has been rather ugly. Then, yesterday, it poured down rain with lightning and thunder, the works. The sky, however, was not what you'd expect. It was cloudy, sure. But it was more of a light overcast than anything--and it was even sunny in some areas! Even weirder, it only rained in a small area, so we were lucky I suppose.

I've taken the plunge and signed up for this year's Extra Life gaming marathon for charity:

I'll pander for donations to the cause later (donations go to help Children's Hospital). I had a lot of fun last year, trying to get through all of the Halo games. I got through all of them except Halo 3 where I only got through the first section, Sierra 117. I'm not entirely sure it's possible to finish all of the Halo games in 24 hours. I mean, there are five of them if you don't count Halo Wars (which I really don't). I'm thinking of doing that this year as well, and might get courageous enough to hook up a webcam to document my progress. Not only does this event give me a great excuse to game for 24 hours straight, but it also benefits a good cause.

Now the funny part of this is the next day I am most likely going to run in a Halloween fun run. It's only a 10K but might prove a bit more challenging. Needless to say, it will be a very interesting weekend. But I've done crazier run outside this summer in 98 degree heat (115 degrees with heat index).

Syfy Pictures Presents: "P2"

I don't recognize the names of anyone in this movie. However, it's cool that someone named "Bathsheba" was in it. I bet she has to spell her name for a lot of people...multiple times.

Frankly, that is where my fascination with this movie ends. It is about an office executive who gets locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve and is tormented by a rather overzealous secret admirer. The movie itself seemed pretty good, actually, but this particular type of movie doesn't really interest me. I get a bit disturbed at the "torture the individual and make them watch as other people are tortured" movies. We watched about an hour of it (if that) and then turned the channel over to a much better movie--Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Much better, indeed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C'mon, man

Dear NFL,

You're seriously pissing me off, here. I look forward to watching you each Fall, investing much emotion behind your stupid games and, each year, you do not disappoint.

Except this year, of course. Seriously? The players and the owners can't reach an agreement? Now I have no real love for the owners but it truly seems that the players are being a bit greedy, here. Do you seriously think you don't make enough money? You want to see all of the owners' financial records? Do you know how much I'd be laughed at if I asked the same of my employer?

I agree that health benefits are very important, so I'm with you there. But, honestly, there should be a rookie salary cap. Why should a brand new, rookie player make so much more than a seasoned veteran who has contributed more to the team? Quit whining and play your stupid get paid for it. I don't get to play a game for a living, so shut yer piehole.

Guess what? If you guys can't reach an agreement, nobody gets paid!! Players, coaches, owners...nobody. And let's not forget the people who don't actually make big bucks off the sport--all the behind-the-scenes people, and those individuals who get paid to do things like clean the bleachers or the parking lot.

If you don't play this season, I truly hope NCAA football takes over Sunday. Then you guys can not get paid and I can still have my football.



I don't have a movie to review this week because Syfy showed an Indiana Jones marathon...culminating with the perfect shitstorm that was "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls". No, I'm not going to review that movie because, frankly, it irritates me too much. It was a movie I so wanted to be good and...well, it wasn't. I think that was the same summer I saw that awful Star Wars cartoon movie...nay, it was not one of Hollywood's more brilliant summers. I truly have seen movies on Syfy that were maybe as good as those two movies. For shame, George Lucas, for shame. You owe

Friday, June 24, 2011

I can taste the colors!

Well, my biggest news is that I finally got my Eyefinity setup working on my PC. So now I can fully utilize three monitors both for Windows in general and, more importantly, for gaming. :) I've gamed a bit with the three monitors and it is rather disorienting but I'm getting used to it quickly. It's really handy to have an expanded field of view in a 180-degree arc. I can just hear the nOObs screaming "OMG! Hax!!" If I could just get Crossfire working properly, then I would be all set.

Eyefinity certainly gives you a different perspective on many games. Now that I can essentially see in front and to the sides of me it changes the dynamic and how I play. It makes Portal 2 a lot more interesting...and the game kicked ass to begin with. Even Minecraft looks and plays really well. Nothing like seeing a creeper out of the corner of your eye and freaking out, screaming like a little girl, and getting blown up anyway.

So now I really really wish Mechwarrior 5 would be released. Because then I'd have a gigantic nerdgasm. Seriously, they really need to push that game out.

All three monitors are running off one single XFX Radeon HD5870 and all games are running at max resolution with every available option turned up to its highest. All games I've played thus far run 100% smoothly.
Now if I could just get my *blam* Crossfire configuration to work without the BSoD, I could run Eyefinity with Crossfire.

Portal 2 without Eyefinity:
Portal 2 with Eyefinity (lines inserted by me to show where the center monitor would end--click for a better image):

We're not just bangin' rocks together here.

Alright. This last week's Syfy movie was Moby Dick...which I watched...part of, anyway. It starred Barry Bostwick, Renee O'Connor, and a CGI whale that seemed to vary in size as the movie progressed. I'd review it but, as I said, I watched part of it and then got bored and wandered into traffic for a while. It was not a great theatrical masterpiece. Instead, I choose the movie that was on before it.

Syfy Pictures Presents: Mega Python vs. Gateroid.

The reason this movie even came on my radar (aside from the usual "giant thing vs giant thing" premise) is because it stars both Deborah Gibson and Tiffany (rival 80's pop tarts). And, instead of the monsters being the primary creatures fighting, we get Mega Gibson vs. Tiffanoid!

Sure, there is plenty of snake- and gater-related munching, chomping, and general mayhem. However, Gibson and Tiffany spend 95% of the movie arguing and bitchfighting. And it's wildly entertaining. The movie itself is very tongue-in-cheek because, let's get real, if they'd tried to make it a serious movie, it would have sucked more than Megamaid from Spaceballs.

Thankfully, the writers were smart enough to know that they could capitalize on cheesy 80's memories and created one hilarious masterpiece of bad CGI, bad editing, and bad acting. And, yes, we do get choice quotes like "I think we're alone now" and "only in your dreams". Ha!

The plot is very basic--right out of every children's book you've ever read. Crazy lady (snakelover) releases pythons into the wild. Crazy lady #2 (gaterlover) notices the sudden influx of large snakes and doesn't like it. Gaterlover feeds steroid-laden chickens to the gaters (and these steroids are super, far-out science stuff) which then grow to epic proportions.

Well, guess what? Snakes eat they eat the gater eggs...and also grow to "oh shit, Tokyo is being destroyed!" sizes. And then the two fight it out...sort of. At some point, it seems they almost become friends--ignoring each other and going for the easy-to-kill soft, fleshy human meatbags instead. I mean, let's face it, we're much tastier than snake or gater, right? It's the logical choice.

So, as I said, the movie then focuses on Gibson and Tiffany sparring, pulling hair, slapping, tackling, screaming, rolling in mud, and throwing pies at each other. What a world!

Here are your Drive-In Totals:
Bitchfights: countless
Awesome parties: 1
Mysterious loners: 1

3 1/2 stars

(Also, blogger still sucks.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A couple of RMRs

Okay so, first off, I just want to reiterate...I hate blogger. That being said, I do think it's snazzy that they have now implemented a mobile version. But, then, everyone has mobile versions, and Blogspot is probably just behind.

With that out of the way, let's move on to what I really wish to talk about...

Just saw "Super 8". (No spoilers ahead.)

So, this movie is a lot like "Cloverfield" only without the shakycam and with children and an actual resolution. First, I must start off by saying...I liked Cloverfield. I won't get into that.

I also liked Super 8, but it is quite considerably a different movie while being a lot the same as Cloverfield. For the longest time, you either catch only brief glimpses of the creature-thing or you don't see it at all. Rest assured, like Cloverfield, that you do indeed get to see the thing at some point. The absense of the supernatural leaves the movie to address what really matters--plot, tension and, most of all, characters.

And the characters in this movie are not abnormal--you've got the pyro, the chubby kid, the nerd who falls in love and, finally, the "that kid"...yes, that kid--the one who is always losing his glasses or throwing up or really nerding it up. And while the children are somewhat stereotypical, they are all vivid and feel real in a "Stand By Me" kind of way. And while this movie is an "unravel the mystery" kind of movie it is also very much a buddy movie.

There is action, there are poignant moments, and there are laughs. I don't really believe this is the best movie I've ever seen but I didn't walk out of it wondering why I spent money on it.

And now, onto what you really want to read...

Syfy Pictures Presents: Ice Road Terror.

Heh...obviously influenced by the popularity of the Ice Road Truckers cabler, this movie something. I'm still not sure what that something is. It's not a great movie. But it's also not worthy of being buried in the desert with all those copies of the Atari 2600 game E.T. Maybe buried next to them...

So it stars all scabs who were probably grateful just to get cast in this movie, because none of them is a master thespian. I doubt they could even find a spot in Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark (which still holds steady in my "Top 5 Worst Titles Ever" category).

So these two truckers are in a friendly, unofficial competition to get the most completed trips and, of course, they're tied. They both volunteer for a dangerous haul of explosives along the (currently melting) ice road. One trucker: a seedy but dashing scoundrel. The other trucker: a handsome nice guy. For reasons I still can't figure out (because I wasn't paying close attention to the intricacies of this masterpiece) a chick wanted to tag along. She fulfills the role of "cute female scientist chick" only she's not as hot as the women they normally cast.

Of course, things go wrong at the dig site and some creature escapes. As usual, lots of running, screaming, and eating of people ensues. Later, there's an awesome speech by a coward how he'd totally sell everyone up the river if he got the chance. His speech is cut short by the monster-thingy. Both trucks crash and they have to hoof it in the snow while the monster takes a coffee break.

The CGI is bad...terribad. and the monster itself isn't the only CGI. At some points, the trucks were CGI...also terrible. I think the acting was CGI as well. All this might lead you to believe that Syfy had an awesome budget. False. Bad CGI is probably cheap. And this was abundant. I personally think they had a monkey creating the images on an Apple IIe.

Now, the fact that they were hauling explosives would lead you to believe that they would kill the monster by blowing it up, right? Yeah, that was my prediction. For once, I was wrong. Ah well. I got most of the movie right.

Here are your Drive-In Totals:
Cowards pulled under the ice: 1
Scrappy couples destroyed: 1
Construction crews demolished: 1

2 1/2 stars

Saturday, June 4, 2011

You've got some random on your cheek

Wow, I am lazy!! I really need to keep up on things. I've lapsed in my attempt to provide random, worthless drivel to the Internet. And there's just not enough of that out there these days, now is there?

I've not provided any Syfy reviews for a couple of weeks because, well, they haven't shown anything that is worthy of a review. Lately, it seems, all they've been showing is Star Trek and Underworld movies. They must have shelled out quite a bit of money for those and are trying to get their money's worth. Why not add "Independence Day" and maybe "Armageddon" while they're at it?

Actually, I'd watch those two. I have nothing against Star Trek but the movies just aren't that great (except the reboot). And I've never been a fan of the Underworld trilogy, save that Kate Beckensale is nice to look at. Though I don't think "badass" when I think of her. Not that it matters much.

So the temperature is up and the cicadas are out in full force. Literally, we seem to have skipped Spring entirely. It's 95 degrees with high humidity. Since Summer came early, does this mean I can ask for Autumn to arrive early? Pretty please? Seriously, nature, get it figured out or I'ma have some words with you.

The I've heard them during their heyday and they're definitely loud. I don't think they're louder this year than they were during the "Great Cicada Coalescence" of 1998 (I think that was the year). No, not louder...but I think they're more plentiful. I don't remember seeing them flying around all the time but, this year, they are flying everywhere. They keep going kamikaze on my car. This ends very poorly for them, of course. Nothing I love more than having cicada goo on my windshield. But, yeah, they're flying around everywhere like drunken American Airlines pilots--ramming into each other, crashing into trees, cars, and the ground. Do they have air traffic controllers and, if so, are they asleep?

I went a whole seven days without caffeine of any kind. I've learned a couple of things from this...
  1. I can exercise much easier with caffeine. This is no surprise.
  2. Caffeine withdrawal is a cruel bitch who will kick you in the head every chance she gets.
  3. I feel really good without caffeine, but still enjoy it (as I am drinking a soda right now).
  4. I have been using it as a crutch, convincing myself that I'm going to need it to get through "x" activity. Sometimes this is true. Much of the time, I'm just jonesing for it.

So, yeah. I plan to keep my caffeine intake much lower than it has been.

Also, I don't know if I say this enough, Blogger is a gigantic piece of crap.

That is all.

Monday, May 16, 2011

And Random Spewed Forth

I really haven't been too great a blogger lately. My attention has been pulled in many different directions and, thus, I've barely been keeping up with my duties of rambling out a bunch of mental garbage that next to no one actually cares much about. I mean, really, the world hangs on my every word, no? So here's some random crap.

The garden is planted--peppers and tomatoes. About half the garden is empty, largely due to my lazy intentions. Of course, just about two days after I put the plants in the dirt, it frosted overnight. Then it was cloudy and cold for a few days. I'm betting the plants, if they could, would make obscene gestures and yell at me. As it is, I'm guessing any food they might produce will cause me great diarrhea...or hives or something else suitably unpleasant--all out of spite. Because plants can do that, you know. Also, if video games have taught me anything, it's that plants protect us from zombies.

I finished Portal 2. Then I went back and played the original Portal...twice. Then back to Portal 2 again. Valve truly creates magic. So, in that vein, here are a few games I am really looking forward to:
  • Diablo 3. Yes...this one's rather obvious. Heck, I'm already looking forward to Diablo 4, and there's no guarantee there will be one.
  • Duke Nukem Forever. Seriously...about a billion years in the making. Between when this game was started and present day: we've had three different presidents (two of them served two terms), I've gone through three jobs, the game Daikatana was released and, five seconds later, failed miserably, I've been through four PCs, and whole civilizations have risen and crumbled. (That's all estimation, by the way, and may or may not be accurate). The point is...this game has taken way too long and could be crappy. But I'm looking forward to the world's best pissing simulator, and to throwing poop at enemies. Yes. While many things have changed in that time, my childish behavior has not.
  • Tribes 3. All I can say is "hell yeah, it's about time. Where ya been all these years?"
  • Gears of War 3. Bring it. Let's find out what happens.
  • Mechwarrior V. The first game I bought for my first real gaming rig was Mechwarrior IV. That was at least three computers ago (yes, I measure both time and expense in "PC" units).

Yeah, my gaming plate is going to be full. Honestly, though, I would probably trade it all...well, most of it for a copy of Portal 3...right monster.

I owe you a movie review. Of that I'm well aware. This past weekend, I was out of town. So let's travel back in the weekend before. I had seen "Thor" in the movie theater that Thursday. I enjoyed it. Wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, and I certainly wish I hadn't had to pay for 3D, but it was a fun movie. Contrast that with Syfy's offering that weekend--"Allmighty Thor", and it was like night and day--where "day" is a pretty tasty steak and "night" is an old boot...filled with pee...asparagus pee.

Honestly, I can't really even begin to regale you with the treasure that is "Allmighty Thor"...mostly because I spent a good few days trying to block it from my mind. I went to my happy place. But, try as I might, I could not escape. Really, watching this movie was like being poked by evil clowns wielding hot skewers, and being forced to listen to that "Friday" song over and over while peeing on an electric fence...and, yes, it's asparagus pee.

Basically, Thor is an idiot young punk who loses his hammer and has to find it again. But he's such a dimwit that he knows nothing about how to get it back. Fast forward to the end when he forges his own. A battle ensues, blah blah...zzzzzzzz. Seriously, that's about how the movie went. I think I played Minecraft through most of it, and I still wanted to chew my own head off (yeah, just try it). Because this movie deserves ZERO stars, I'm pretty much stopping there. The most humorous bit is that Syfy rushed to release this craptacular theatrical masterpiece to coincide with "Thor" in theaters. Really, Syfy? Really?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Check, Please!

So I'm sitting here (TM), watching the NFL draft, wondering if this is the only NFL football action I will get all year. Man, I hope not. Without football, I might actually have to be productive!! I'd rather lay drywall than...waitaminute, that would be productive right? Dammit.

The garden is...still in its peat pots, waiting to be planted. It's been so cold and rainy that I've not dared to put the plants in the ground. The issue with this is the tomato plants--they're all growing funky and look like horrible Teenage Mutant Ninja Tomatoes. They're all twisted and gnarly. Hopefully I can still get them to grow straight once planted. The peppers are coming along very slowly. Part of me simply wants to skip the garden this year but, well, I've already got the plants growing; I might as well go ahead with it.

I also really need to finish the second retaining wall. The first one is a tiny bit slanted, but I'd say it was a good effort for me--building a retaining wall with no knowledge whatsoever. The second one seems to be straight and level. Now if it would just stop raining all the time...

Syfy Pictures Presents: "Roadkill". I could not provide a link because, well, I couldn't find the damned movie anywhere. That's just how good it is! Can you believe it!? What? No? You don't believe it? So what am I supposed to do with all this horse crap if I can't feed it to you!?

So, anyway, this movie stars...NOBODY!! That's right--a bunch of scabs, baby! There isn't even an actor in this movie you could mistake for someone else! That's Syfy's seal of quality. How's that? Because these are absolutely the best quality scabs ever! Yeah, if you believe that, you'll believe anything.

So a group of friends decide to go on a road trip in Ireland. They pile into an RV and off they go! Vroom vroom! Along the way they stop at a rather sleazy-looking gas station and meet some rather sleazy-looking people playing cards. A souvenir is bought, another one is swiped, a gypsy is run down, some profanities are yelled, and I'm pretty sure someone peed themself. Maybe not. Anyway, they haul ass out of their in their RV, but not before the gypsy chick can curse their asses.

And what does she curse them with? She sics her pet bird on the lousy kids. But it's no ordinary parrot.'s a really freaking huge parrot! And by "parrot", I mean "Roc", the legendary giant bird. "Ha ha, sucker", the friends all say...until one of them is scooped up and taken away by the giant bird. Oh, there's also a random kid standing in the middle of the road making throat-slitting motions. Then he runs away, only to sell refreshing beverages at his lemonade stand close by. He also sold pet rocks.

So, yeah...not only is the giant turkey chasing them, but so are the gypsy lady's family. And, wouldn't you know it? It's the same people who were playing cards at the gas station! Surprise!

Okay, so honestly, this movie would've been much better if the bird breathed fire, had a sonic squawk, or pooped acid on cars or something...something other than simply being a giant Thanksgiving dinner. They should've skipped the CGI and simply zoomed in on a pigeon or something.

There is a lot more that happens but most of it is running, screaming, dying, and worthless backstory exposition. It's much akin to being constipated and describing it to everyone...except that there's a bird involved in one of those situations.

Here are your Drive-In Totals:
Gypsies slaughtered: 3
Faces rocked: 2
Rabbits killed: 2
Bathroom breaks taken: 2 (yeah, that was me)
2 stars

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And it begins...

Today was the ceremonial "First mowing of the lawn". It is celebrated by an elaborate ceremony involving gasoline, a whirling blade, and a whole lot of whining and lamenting of the days when the grass was considerate enough to stop freaking growing so damned fast! I tried to use Runkeeper on my phone to determine just how far I walk when I cut the grass. According to it, I walk approximately .02 miles in an hour.


Also, I just ate a box of Peeps that I suspect were made of sandpaper. Yep, I ate them. They were still the only way that Peeps can be.

I realize that this might be old news to some but, well, this is just really funny...and sad (and I simply wanna post it). See, many of our congressmen suffer from "Idiotic Douchebag Symdrome" or, IDS. Its symptoms include extreme stupidity and the inability to have their heart beat without consciously thinking about it. (Warning: Extreme stupidity)

So, without further ado...Syfy Presents: Ferocious Planet

(First of all, it is important to note that "Ferocious Planet" was followed by "Savage Planet"...which, to my disappointment, was not followed by "Super Delicious Candy Planet".)

Joe Flanigan, from Stargate: Atlantis fame stars in this latest offering from Syfy. It's not a complicated piece of cinema--top secret device is invented, goes awry and then shit gets real. Oh also, John Rhys Davies is in this movie, but barely...mostly, his butt and legs are. In addition, I recommend you look at his page on IMDB (follow the link) and check out his's awesome.

So, yeah. Some poindexters working for the government develop a special machine that allows them to peer into other dimensions. But, rest assured, they can only see into them. Oh wait...something mysteriously goes wrong guessed it, transports them (and some of the building) into one of those dimensions. I've said it many times, but I'll reiterate...Much running, screaming, eating, and other general mayhem ensues. Really, much of this movie should have been set to some Weird Al song.

After they sit around, baffled, and some individuals die in hilarious ways, they formulate a plan. What's awesome is that they don't really know how they got to this dimension, but they know exactly how to get back, and that they have six hours to do so! Standing between them and success is miles of strange land inhabited by, essentially, tyrannosaurs with huge mandibles and multiple eyes...and acid and ammonia for blood. I bet they pooped little baby, laser shooting circular saws, too.

That's really pretty much it. These people stumble through the wilderness, getting picked off or wandering off on their own and failing at many things. I'm not entirely sure the movie was made in all seriosity, so I don't mind saying that I laughed a lot at it. Not that I'd really feel bad saying that about most Syfy movies. But I was always taught that you shouldn't laugh at train wrecks.

Anyway, here are your Drive-in Totals:

Monsters a' munchin': 4-10 (I lost count)
People a' screamin': 9 (I think...not everyone screamed)
Machines a' Misbehavin': 1
Senators a' Splodin': 1

3 stars

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, so much for that

So March is here. We all know the saying "In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb", right? So, yeah. We've definitely had the weather--the snow, primarily. Only, this March has been pretty much like "In like a lion...that can't make up its damned mind...and is kind of a jerkface." One day it snows, the next day it's 75 degrees. The day after it rains, then snows. Then it's 70 degrees. Seriously, WTF March? I guess that's why they don't say "In like an intelligent lion." Lousy cats. Anyway, here's hoping that we're done with the snow, but that it doesn't immediately move to "90 degrees and humid as a swamp." Kthx.

Alright. So my Internet service provider...their name rhymes with "SchMediacom"...they are essentially delivering me about 1/6th the bandwidth that I am actually paying for. I figured this all out on my own when my downloads were pulling in at about 50-100k/sec (instead of the 8-12 Mbps I should be getting). And, before you go making the wasn't porn--I was re-downloading my Steam games. The porn comes after the games. Time to rethink your priorities. (Disclaimer: I wouldn't have room for porn anyway...on account of all the games)

I called Medicaom's support once to get some help. Silly me. I really should've just beaten myself about the face with a sack of wet marmosets. I probably would've gotten more help that way. They sent out a tech. Tech said there had been lots of complaints but didn't really find anything (since my bandwidth drops like Mel Gibson's career only between the hours of 5 pm - 12 am--imagine that). So the connection still sucks.

And I call again...letting the tech know they can stow the bullshit because I am calling solely to complain. And what does this lady do? "Sir, I'll need you to bypass the router and..." Really? I guarantee I know more than all of their phone jockeys combined. But that's neither here nor there. I jumped through their hoops and--surprise--ANOTHER TECH is going to drop by tomorrow and chat! Boo!

My plan is to call one more time to complain if it doesn't clear up. And I will ask for a manager. And I will tell said overpaid monkeyturd that, since I get about 1/6th of the bandwidth that they promise, then they will get 1/6th of the money they charge me. Sounds fair to me. And, as I've specified through various other outlets, I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Not that I expect it to actually affect anything, but I figure it's my civic duty to try to make their lives a living hell.

Also, Wanda Sykes may just be the funniest woman ever to be brought into existence. Dayum.

Alright, onto better things...depending on how you look at it.

Syfy Pictures Presents: Battle of Los Angeles
I really had to stop and digest this movie for a while. And I'm still not entirely sure I understand...well, any of it. Starring Nia Peeples (you may or may not know who she is, but her name is awesome), It really looks like Syfy made this movie, then saw the movie (in theaters) "Battle: Los Angeles", and there was a collective "Oh crap, our awesome idea was TAKEN BY HOLLYWOOD!!"

Well, not exactly. More like "Our piece of crap has almost the same name as this soon-to-be blockbuster! Put it out there NOW!" It's like going to buy a car and being offered a "Fjord" instead of a "Ford"...or a "General Mortars" instead of "General Motors"...or a steamy turd instead of a Saturn--no, wait...that would be a good deal after all. Nevermind that last one.

Anyhoo, the movie opens basically in the middle of an invasion. The big alien ship has already been hovering over the city and the air force has launched planes to attack. In true "Independence Day" style, Earth's forces get completely spanked and made to cry like babies while strange aliens that resemble something my friends and I, as kids, built out of a trash can and some Legos. One of them catches grenades and throws them back (which is awesome) and basically gives the Army the alien finger.

By then, however, it's already gone far "Charlie Sheen tiger blood" far and so fast that there is absolutely no going back. See, this pilot dude from the 1950s shows up in his airplane but, later, it turns out he's just one of those killer spheres from Hellraiser hiding out in the head of a fake dude. And then Nia Peeples, out of nowhere, jumps into action, stabbing alien spaceships with a katana and trying to be all mysterious and stuff. Then they kamikaze the massive alien ship with an old alien fighter ship (previously hanging in plain sight--JFK's idea) and meet up with a giant, ugly space worm. And THEN, they upload a virus to the alien ship with a Mac and a modem, wait, that was Independence Day. But that was equally batshit ridiculous.

Blah blah, Drive-In Totals: blah blah
"Independence Day" moments: At least half the movie
Times I thought I was watching Dr. Who: 1
Characterization: 0
Times I wanted to slap someone: 10
Army dudes who just. won't. die: 1
Sphere-o-Death drilling

1 1/2 stars

WTF did I just watch?

Friday, February 25, 2011

4 8 15 16 23 42

I bought a lottery ticket.

I don't normally give a crap, even with a large jackpot (this particular jackpot is worth about $184 million). And I'm going to win. Trust me. I mean, seriously, I can't lose! What are the odds I'd lose...I know, right?

So, anyway, since I will be a rich little bugger after tomorrow night, here is what I will do with it:

1. Pay off all debt.
2. Buy this Geek Chic gaming table. Sadly, my gaming life sucks, but this table is too damn cool to not have.
3. Be the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse (TM). Yes, I'm claiming the trademark. I started's all mine, biatch.
4. Purchase a house or two for friends who really could use one.
5. Probably start my own business. I mean, seriously...if it fails, who gives a crap??
6. Executive produce my own Syfy movie about killer banana slugs versus mega-gnats. It's gold, I tell ya!
7. I'd pay Linkin Park to shut the hell up. I'd also throw some money at the Spin Doctors to continue shutting the hell up.
8. Buy Han Solo...yes, I'll pay Harrison Ford to stand in a glass case, posing as Han. Once carbonite is invented, that will change things up a bit.
9. Buy Wizards of the Coast (shouldn't be too expensive). Then I'll sell the D&D license to Paizo, who can then go on to do it justice and make D&D good again.
10. Pay someone to invent cartoon food, which will be the yummiest food ever.
11. I was going to put down "See a movie"...but I'm not sure $184 million will cover that expense.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


You know what I don't see much of anymore? Hummers. Hmmm...I wonder why. Someone ate it on that deal.

I had a whole bunch of something I was going to say, but I've forgotten. So onto...

Syfy Saturday: Iron Invader

Every great once in a while, there comes along a gem--a diamond in the rough--a movie that makes you think there is hope for the Syfy network. Maybe they can make decent movies that don't deserve to be laughed at. Maybe...just maybe...

This movie is not that movie. In fact, this movie was hilarious. The heroes are hilarious, the town is hilarious. Heck, even the enemy is hilarious!

It would seem that life exists on other planets, and this life travels through space by hijacking a ride on Russian satellites. When one such satellite plummets to Earth, all hilarity lets loose and a small town becomes a hotbed of really bizarre alien activity.

It seems that the alien invaders resemble iron filings doused in green paint. Oh no!! The horror!! Run for your lives! Or, alternatively, you could just get a magnet and laugh as the poor aliens try to move! But I digress. So what do these aliens want? It would appear that they have a severe iron deficiency because they don't eat their veggies. So they "inhabit" metal and then suck the iron out of everyone's blood. Why can't they just suck the iron out of the metal they inhabit? no idea. They just can't. Stop making fun of them; they are very sensitive aliens.

The local junkyard guy, a.k.a. "the crazy old coot" is building a golem statue out of spare car parts for the town festival. How convenient! The aliens manage to inhabit the statue and head out for a wild party. This creates chaos, sorrow, and lots of running and dying and...well, other stuff. Yes, everyone runs away, screaming...from possibly the slowest monster ever to walk, er, lumber, the planet. Seriously. This thing is like running from a zombie...with no legs. And, yet, it still kills people. So whose fault is that?

Blah blah blah, people hide out in the bar and blow up the monster. Yay! Victory! Oh, wait...all the individual parts are now attacking! Boo! Why didn't they listen to me!? I told them this would happen. But nooooo...they never listen.

Anyway, the moster reassembles itself, probably because Syfy had a little bit of CGI budget left over and had to spend it. But, as it turns out, the aliens are recovering alcoholics and, by pouring booze on them, they die! Huzzah! Alcohol saves humanity! Let this be a lesson to us all.

Here are your Drive-in Totals:

  • Stupid cops: 2
  • Smart, cute female pseudo-scientists/love interests: 1
  • Alien/human bar brawls: 1
  • Axe-fu
  • Engine-fu
  • Propane-fu
  • Foot-stabbing
  • Iron-sucking

2 1/2 stars

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bring it!!!

So I had a post all ready to go about our family Super Bowl (copyright, NFL...please don't sue me!) curse. But it turned out to be depressing and lame instead of humorous. So I scrapped it. Instead I'm just going to sit on my ass enjoy the last day of football until August (unless you count the NFL draft...which I only sort of count). Heck, I'm never really sure if preseason counts.

In a bit, I'm going to deliver fresh-baked cookies to the three boys who dug me out of the snow. Then maybe I'll watch a little Puppy Bowl. :)

Game on.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paying it Forward, Laterally, or Backward

Before we begin, I will warn you that this is not going to be a happy post--it may have a bit of pity in it. And it may be a bit lengthy. Also, my typing sucks, which I will explain later. So sit back and read on. Oh, and grab a snack first. I'll wait.

C'mon long does it take? Er, I mean...glad you're back!

So...2011. New year, new suck. Why's that? Let me get you caught up. Now would be an excellent time to make those "Wayne's World" flashback motions and noises.

In 2010: K had to undergo non-elective surgery, went through a six-month recovery, then found out she's allergic to just about everything except air. Her cat died. A very good Internet friend of mine passed away unexpectedly (I won't forget you, Moby), and the guinea pigs we surprised the girls with from Santa Claus did their replacements.

Fast forward to this week. We'd been planning a Disney land/cruise vacation since mid-summer. When were we supposed to leave? Smack dab in the middle of "Bigass Disastrous Bitch of a Snowstorm Ha Ha". Needless to say our carefully-planned vacation became a failcation in a heartbeat. We had to scrap the whole thing. We have travel insurance, but it's really difficult to explain that to two little girls to whom I'd been talking up this vacation for months. We'd gotten a phenomenal deal and even, at the last minute, received a free room upgrade on the ship to a cabin with a freaking veranda!!! So, yeah, we get all that money back, right? Well, not quite. See, Southwest Airlines has refunded our money (which is good) but they've refunded it directly to my credit card (which is bad).

Why bad, children? We paid everything off in advance--done...100%. Well, my credit card has a balance...more than the refund. So, basically, part of my credit card gets paid off and we don't have the money to chip in for a future vacation...and my credit card still has a balance on it.

So we stayed at my in-laws' for four nights, cooped up and unable to really go anywhere. I helped install some wood flooring and otherwise tried to keep myself occupied. But I decided it was past time for me to get the hell out when the father-in-law started criticizing my prolific utilization of my iPhone. Though I tried to explain later that I had been tracking school closings, work closings, airport closings, airline schedules, register with the airline, and keep in touch with people back home so that I could determine if it was safe to return. Needless to say, it irritated me enough, nay, pissed me off enough to return home today, since I was already in a stellar mood from the failcation.

So I returned home ahead of the rest of the family so that I could dig out and attempt to go to work (long story short, no plow and lots of snow make me not able to get to work, but the driveway is clear!). All the roads are fine until I turn into our neighborhood. Wow. I can imagine snowplows taking a look at my neighborhood, crying like a little schoolgirl, and running away, screaming while simultaneously peeing its little snowpants. I try my best to navigate and see an oncoming SUV. I "sort of" pull over to let his big ass through and promptly get stuck. He proceeds to take up the entire road and pass me up, not even stopping to see if I need help.

Eight other cars do the exact same thing while I am trying to dig out. Home is just a hundred yards or so away, yet I'm stuck, with two impatient dogs in the vehicle. So asshole after asshole just passes me, watching, until three neighborhood kids come over with shovels and help me dig (I took a shovel and chipped in). I owe these kids cookies or something and, believe me, I'll pay up.

After taking one pass down my street (and finding nowhere to actually park due to the butt ton of snow) I pull into my next-door neighbor's shoveled driveway and make sure it's okay with him if I park there temporarily. K's dog (who is 40-50 pounds) freaks out when I let her out of the car and I have to carry her through 14-16 inches of snow. Meanwhile, my dog (a 7-lb papillon) bravely tromps through the snow, tunneling and bounding. *facepalm*

Almost there, I promise. No, really. Anyway, the shovel come
s out and I promptly get to work. I'm badass. No, I'm not tooting my own horn. I'm a badass snow-shoveling, driveway clearing machine. Suck it, snow! I clear more than enough to get the vehicle in the garage. Soon, I notice my neighbor (across the road) trying to dig out. I help him. He's clear. Later, I notice a neighbor across the road and two doors down. Her SUV is stuck halfway in her driveway. I shovel out her car and push it to get it going. Then, after she leaves, I shovel the rest of her driveway. Back to my own. A lady two across the road and two doors down the other way is trying to shovel herself out, too. I promptly walk down and pitch in. After we've got a path for her car, work calls and I head back inside for a teleconference. Afterward, I shovel the rest of my driveway AND half the street in front. Yeah, badass.

So I'm feeling awesome helping all these people but I'm also a bit
dismayed at their behavior. Sure, the guy across the street was thankful, but he never once offered to return the favor--not even for just a few minutes. And the last lady I helped received help from someone else and, when they were done, just stood and chatted and laughed while I was obviously shoveling my own driveway. I mean, seriously? Yeah, a bit disheartening. Faith in humanity: further lost (though I have hope for the three kids). I don't really expect thanks or payback for things I do--I do these things because I want to help. But, damn...I figured there would be one person who would be like-minded.

Alright, I think I'm done for now. I can't grip much or type well because my hands, arms, and fingers are tired. But it's all done. I can't really get out of the neighborhood so I hope that changes at some point. I would really like to just eat a moose and hibernate until spring. Can I do that?

Anyway, here's a pic. Believe me, it's more snow than it looks.

Monday, January 17, 2011

So, 2011, is it?

I haven't used this particular outlet much recently. My motto remains "If you have nothing to say, there's no need to open your mouth." In this case, rather, that could be amended to include a get the idea. So I haven't had a whole lot to say lately. I'm not sure that has really changed. Hopefully, as I type, I'll actually find something worth putting into bits and bytes.

First of all, I think this whole "extra zodiac sign" issue is hilarious. Some people are freaking out about it. If your zodiac sign got changed, you maybe now know what the ex-planet Pluto feels like.

I could probably live for weeks off the crumbs that I just dumped out of my keyboard. Yeah, I know, right?

I wish that there was some way to reassure children that it really doesn't matter what kinds of names people call you in school.

I booted up and played through Master Of Orion II the other day. That game may be old and dated, but it's still super fun and holds up surprisingly well.

I made it back to the gym today after a few weeks of hideous allergies and a rather stupid-nasty cold. While it was great to be there, it was most certainly not pretty. The sooner I can run outside in the park, the better.

I got an e-mail from Toyota today. They were touting the newest Priuses to be released. One of those vehicles is their electric car. I love the idea of electric cars. However, this Prius (due out in 2012) only got a whopping 13 miles on the electricity. Seriously? That's, like, not even trying! I truly hope they're not planning on marketing that car, lest they be laughed out of the auto market altogether.

I'd really like to review Syfy's latest offering, Behemoth, but I only saw the last 30 minutes or so of the movie. From what I gathered, there was a moutain that was really a monster...and it ate some stuff and destroyed some other stuff and it was all like "Rawr!!!" and the people were all like "Aaaaaa!!!" and then more eating and destruction...and then some dude killed it with, you guessed it, a rocket. big surprise there.

Also, it had Cigarette-Smoking Man (William B. Davis) from the X-Files in it.