Monday, March 10, 2014

Obligatory Title


I'm waist deep into Chapter 14 and loving it! But I have to be honest. While I have written plenty of original material over the years, this book is not entirely original. And, by that, I mean that I wrote it once before--after college. Only, back then, it really sucked. But I was proud of it! Until I wasn't.

See, when I first started out on the "I want to write stuff and get published!" expedition. the Internet was a baby. And, if that was true, The World Wide Web was essentially a zygote. A cute, addictive zygote that would quickly grow to love porn and cat videos. Warped, right?

So, to get published, one bought a book, trolled through agent listings and then sent said agents proposals. Then you got rejected over and over again. Things are much different, much more pleasant, and much tastier now.

I'd given up for a long time. Sure, I still wrote some tasty nuggets but they were mostly for my own satisfaction. See, I'm one of those wusses who will play guitar only when nobody is around and who will write a bunch of stuff but is too embarrassed to share it with anyone. But, also, I realize that this stuff isn't going to publish itself.

Well, it might...or at least come close. You see, the Interwebz now offer many more things besides cat videos. It offers all kinds of ways to get discovered and self-publish. Which got me thinking, which got me writing, which got...well, here we are.

So this book--I am writing it from the ground up. There are elements from the original--characters, ideas, plot points etc.--that are still in the book. But it's much different now. It flows, it makes sense and, most importantly, it doesn't take up a billion pages. It is, indeed, a work that I am so far very proud of. And I am excited every day to write it. Anyway, this is why I haven't blogged in a while. In fact, I haven't gamed nearly as much as I normally do. And I'm okay with this.

Speaking of gaming

Back to gaming! Well, until we're not.

Let's get real for a moment and talk Diablo 3. A recent patch just came out for it that, well, changes the game entirely! It now feels 90% like Diablo again! And we have Jay Wilson...'s absence to thank for that! Seriously, that guy worked really hard to mess up one of the best franchises in gaming. I think he's in Siberia or Detroit or somewhere he can't do any harm.

Of course, Blizzard really had to release a patch that completely reworked the game if they wanted to sell their upcoming expansion. Too many people dropped out of playing Diablo 3 because, well, it just didn't have replayability. Heck, to a lot of people, it didn't have first time playability. I had plenty of problems with the game (and still have a few) and gave up after a while. Fundamentally, it was flawed.

However, it is now a much different game and I am looking forward to the expansion!

Anyway, that's all. I figured I'd put something up to confirm that I am still alive. I will, no doubt, have more later!