Sunday, September 28, 2014

Join Me. It Is Your...Um...Just Do It. I'll Be Your Best Friend.


The game was hyped for upwards of a half-billion years but, now, it's out and being played all over the place. Reviews have been mixed but what really matters is what kind of game you want to play. You may have heard that Borderlands + Halo = Destiny but I will argue that it is actually Borderlands + Gears of War = Destiny.

The game is very much like Borderlands but without the offbeat humor. In fact, Destiny is a bit dark which is where the Gears of War element comes into play. Well, that and some of the environments feel like Gears of War. But Destiny also centers around a role-playing element just as much as it involves loot collection and splodin' things.

Basically, shoot lots of enemies, gather different guns and armor, level up your character, rinse and repeat!

I don't want too much into the plot mostly because the plot itself isn't very deep. Evil looming in the distance, aliens want to snuff out the rest of humanity, and a giant bocce ball hovering above the last city on Earth. Bungie probably could have put a bit more writing into the game but, regardless, the game is fun anyway. I guess, sometimes, you just need to loosely tie action together with a story and it works.

And Destiny does work. It's fun and, even if the story is thin, it keeps me interested enough to play the next mission and advance the story. There have been no "Omg! X is Y's father!" moments but maybe those aren't necessary.

Destiny is an MMO and I am notorious for disliking MMOs. But it's an MMO that I can get behind because it's an MMO that doesn't really have to be an MMO. Wha??? Yep.

See, Destiny can really be played singleplayer through a lot of it. You can play through the story, retrieve bounties, and patrol all by yourself with no help from anyone else. As far as I know you could finish the game without having to ever play alongside anyone else. Sure, there are other guardians roaming about the zones, performing their own tasks and they may fight the same thing you are fighting but that is about the extent of it.

There are public events that bring players together, should any of them so desire, and their are raids, strikes, and the Crucible (if you wish to partake in PvP). These can be pretty minor parts of the game...sort of.

Right. "Sort of". See, once you max out at level 20 the character advancement dynamic changes a bit and, now, the multiplayer aspects become a bit more important. You can earn reputations and currencies (or items) by partaking in the multiplayer activities that you either can't earn otherwise or just earn much more slowly. I'm not a real fan of PvP but there are certain things I feel I can't accomplish without participating.

So, that much, I'm not really happy about but I also knew that I was getting into an MMO so I suppose I am willing to take the good with the bad. So far I've very much enjoyed the game and look forward to finishing it, then playing through with the other two classes.